Art & Photography Virtual Exhibition 2020

Somerton Music & Arts Festival Virtual Art & Photography Exhibition is now OPEN. Use the links below to visit the three Exhibition Galleries.

Some of our artists are selling their work. This is indicated underneath the work itself in the Gallery, along with the price.  For further details or to make an offer use Contact Us in the sidebar to contact the artist. This may take several days to be answered or a purchase offer confirmed as your message will have to be forwarded from the linked mailbox.

Gallery of pictures in a range of different media including pencil, acrylics, water colour, oils and mixed media CLICK HERE

Gallery of photographs CLICK HERE

Gallery of Embroidery, Needlework and Appliqué CLICK HERE

To comment on artwork in our Virtual Exhibition CLICK HERE. This link takes you to our Facebook Page where you can leave a comment on the Exhibition as a whole or an individual piece of work. This link is also in the sidebar of each gallery.

From Sunday 24th May at 16.45 we are testing a counter to see how many people visit our exhibition. No personal data is collected. So far we have counted 421 visitors.