Somerstock – Frequently Asked Questions

Q         What time can we enter the Festival site?

A          The gates open at 11.00am, please be ready with your online ticket for validation.

Q         How do I get onto the site if I arrive on foot?

A          Pedestrian and vehicle traffic are being kept separate. The pedestrian access is adjacent to the Somerton Sports Club building from Gassons Lane ONLY. Please then follow the green direction arrows. Do not enter the site from the Langport Road as this entrance is for vehicles only.

Q         I am arriving by car, which entrance should I use?

A          All vehicles will enter via the Recreation Ground Entrance on Langport Road. Please then follow the blue direction arrows to the parking area and maintain a maximum speed of 5mph.

Q         Is there a cash ATM facility at Somerstock?

A          No unfortunately not. The majority of the traders will take cards. If you’ve left it too late to buy an advanced ticket you will need to pay cash on the day. Buy Somerstock tickets online before 1800 on 12 July. You’ll save money that way.

Q         Can we bring our own drinks onto the Festival site?

A          In line with other Festivals of this kind you are NOT permitted to bring your own alcoholic drinks onto the site. There are several bars serving a range of reasonably priced alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The site will also have a supply of fresh drinking water. Any soft drinks brought onto the site must be 500ml or less and in sealed containers.

Q         Can we camp at Somerstock?

A          Yes, and there is a designated camping area. You will need to purchase an additional camping ticket from the website.

Q         Will this be a safe event for children and young people?

A          Of course no-one can give a guarantee, however the Festival site will be under the direct supervision of a professional security company, which will involve security checks on admission. The site will also be patrolled by a team of stewards. A First Aid post is provided and the abuse and misuse of alcohol and use of drugs will not be tolerated. There is also a dedicated children’s activity area.

Q         Are toilets provided on site?

A          Of course toilets are distributed around the site and this includes the camping area.

Q         Is food on sale at Somerstock, or do we bring our own?

A          As with alcoholic drinks you are not permitted to bring your own food onto the site. There is no need to go hungry however with several food outlets available throughout the day and cater for both vegans and vegetarians. These include “Scoffers” are providing fish and chips, premium burgers, hotdogs and hot and cold drinks. “Thai mango” will be selling a selection of Thai food with meat and vegetarian options. “Figs” are providing two food stalls with a hog roast, spicy chicken wraps, falafels and salads; also scones and cream, cup-cakes, flapjacks and soft drinks. “Ethic street” pizza providing pizzas.  “Chop and chill” are serving a selection of exciting ice creams. “KaffeKop” are providing delicious specialist coffee.

Q         What do I do if my child gets lost?

A          It is a good idea for children to be given a clear location where you will be at all times. If however they do get lost the Festival Control Centre/First Aid Point (adjacent to the food outlets) will provide a Lost & Found service.

Q         What happens if it rains?

A          Put simply… we all get wet! The event will be cancelled only in the most extreme circumstances. You are advised to check the weather forecast on the day and dress accordingly. Of course, this could just as easily mean sunhats and sun protection! At the time of writing this looks the more likely!